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Narcissus sylvestris ssp. giraffodil

It's that special time of year again when the longed-for spring is ushered in by nexuberant narcissus! Have a look around where you live to see if you can spot our favourite, Narcissus sylvestris ssp. giraffodil with its distinctive  markings.
Click on the above Spot the Difference image of Raph G. Neckmann to enlarge - How many differences can you spot?

Giraffe Hairstyle!

Ingrid is known for her giraffe hair design. As creator of 'The Neckmanns of Giraffe World' she often has giraffe pattern dyed into her hair, especially when attending events as speaker, storyteller or for exhibitions of her work.

For this giraffe hairstyle, giraffe markings are applied to a section of Ingrid's hair. Two colours are used, with the darker brownish hue applied to give a defined edge to the giraffe spots. The colour is permanent, and usually lasts well for around 3 months.